PRM Consulting Group

Leadership and Employee Talent Development

PRM is committed to helping organizations achieve breakthrough results through people.We offer the following services and programs.

Facilitation services:  

  • The design and facilitation of programs which help individuals and teams develop enhanced self-awareness and knowledge while building new skills
  • Strategy, planning, management, and the follow up for: Board retreats, staff retreats, sales meetings, strategic planning sessions, cross-functional teamwork, and department teambuilding sessions
  • Process mapping workshops
  • Creating collaborative, learning environments and structure for successful project teams

Team Building consulting and programs:

  • Craft norms for effective communication and mutually respectful behavior
  • Strengthen interpersonal communications and relationship skills
  • Work in alignment with the team and organizational missions
  • Work collaboratively rather than engage in department or role turf protection
  • Maximize the creativity and learning capacity of all team members
  • Develop an environment in which individuals work together effectively and synergistically to improve team and create breakthrough organization results

Diversity development and cross-cultural programs:

  • Creating workplace environments which are inclusive  
  • Value differences and leverage diversity as a core competency
  • Learn about appropriate and respectful workplace behavior
  • Avoid problems with discrimination and sexual harassment. Enable employees to see and understand the ways that issues of race, gender, power, and other differences can impact group dynamics and organizational systems
  • Develop an awareness of bias and stereotypes. Increase self-awareness and knowledge, and build new interpersonal skills
  • Gain cross-cultural awareness, sensitivity, and skills
  • Attract talented individuals and reduce job turnover by helping organizations become diverse employers of choice

Want to Know More?

If you would like more information on how these services can hep you and your organization, please contact us.


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