PRM Consulting Group

Executive Search

PRM’s executive search, employment and recruitment practice integrates the elements of: 

  • Client requirements;
  • Our job content and job market knowledge; and
  • Our placement expertise to achieve a “search synergy.” 

This synergy enables PRM to assure maxim exposure of the position vacancy to the most appropriate candidate population in a short period of time. We often use our organization design/effectiveness expertise to assist clients in the design of new positions or the redesign of existing positions to further facilitate the search process. Our services include: 

  • Job vacancy content design or refinement
  • Use of search “Teams”
  • Multiple sourcing solutions (Web recruiting, professional networking, diversity sourcing, print advertising)
  • Targeted selection approach
  • Multi-level candidate screening
  • Reference and background verification
  • Consulting and facilitation for internal selection boards and committees
  • Development of final offer packages
  • 90 day on-boarding/coaching

PRM consultants’ collective experience spans a variety of industries including corporate professional services, government, not for profit and general industry. Few business decisions are as strategic and difficult as an organization’s decision to hire a key executive or individual contributor. Few business decisions are as potentially damaging and costly to an organization as is making the wrong hiring decision. We provide complete information and advice both to our clients and the candidates during the search so that all expectations are well-managed. In this way, the best match of job to person is achieved. We can do this because of our extensive experience in organization analysis and development, job analysis and design, and candidate assessment. Our placements include “C” suite positions such as Senior Operations Executives (CEO, CMO, CHRO, CAO, CFO, COO), and management positions such as Marketing, Sales and Human Resources Managers.

Want to Know More?

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