PRM Consulting Group

Executive Outplacement and Transition

Development of Job Opportunities

PRM employs dedicated consultants trained to work with executives to uncover job opportunities which are targeted to their specific needs and interests.  Our network has been developed over 30 years by fostering strong relationships with C-Suite executives, HR practitioners, and search firms. Research is provided regarding the local job market and business trends, providing introductions to recruiting and search communities, which allow us to connect your executives to business opportunities quicker.

PRM Career Workshops

PRM provides expert trainers to facilitate developmental group workshops for the transitioning executives. Examples of career training topics include:

  • Transition Fundamentals – These workshops provide the fundamentals upon which members receiving individual services will undertake their job search with the full support of the many tools and resources PRM provides.   
  • Career Coaching Workshops – A wide range of career transition topics are available based upon the identified needs and expressed wishes of member executives. Individual sessions are also utilized.

Job Market Research

PRM has access to real time data and provides current trends and job market reports both in the U.S. and abroad. Our research includes summaries of the local market; employment by industry; occupational employment projections; cost-of-living analysis, major employers and industries; state and local employment center resources and links to key local and regional executive publications, chambers of commerce’s, chapters of national business associations, and alumni groups, etc.

Peer Networking

PRM works to connect executives to on and offline roundtable events, conferences, networking events tailored to the background and interests of our transitioning executives.

Networking Databases

PRM helps executives to development and utilize target potential employer lists, where key hiring decision-makers can be identified. (Zoominfo, Linkedin, Hoover’s Online, Dun & Bradstreet, etc).

Online Professional Branding

PRM’s resume coaching ensures online brand presence is developed and managed. Our social media experts coach the executive in proven online personal brand development strategies and tactics. Instructions are delivered on how to connect with and control the online professional brand identity via development of the most widely utilized social networking solutions (Zoominfo & LinkedIn).

Access to Online Tools and Resources

PRM resource guides cover a wide range of recommended transition strategies and with numerous links to high-quality Web resources. More than 200 state-of-the-art career courses developed by SkillSoft, a leader in the eLearning market, provide executives access to a wide range of technical topics, and are offered in nine languages.

Want to Know More?

If you would like more information on how these services can hep you and your organization, please contact us.


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